North Carolina's Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant built on our long history of recognizing that when each child has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential, we create the best outcomes in education, health and economic well-being for everyone in North Carolina. Through this grant, North Carolina . . .  
Invested in those that shape children's experiences / Built consensus around our values and prioritized families 
Supported rural communities/Focused on outcomes / Broke new ground that advanced the field of early learning
This grant was completed December 31, 2016, however, much of the work is ongoing as North Carolina strives to continue to strengthen the early childhood system and services available to children and families in our state.



The latest news about North Carolina’s Race to the Top - Early Learning Challenge Grant

Transformation Zone Early Literacy Strategies: New Report Released Showing Successful Implementation of Literacy Strategies in the Transformation Zone

The Transformation Zone is an initiative in four of North Carolina's high need counties in the rural northeastern region (Bertie, Beaufort, Chowan and Hyde). These counties are building system-wide capacity to improve learning and developmental outcomes for young children.

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Announcing the Launch of NC Early Childhood Integrated Data System (NC ECIDS)

NC ECIDS is the sole source in North Carolina for integrated early childhood data from selected state education, health, and social services programs. For the first time, North Carolina can provide distinct counts of the number of children served between and across these early childhood state programs. Through NC ECIDS, you can access reports that provide statewide distinct counts of children across programs, see how many children ages 0-5 are in multiple programs, and which programs are serving NC's four-year-olds.

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