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Community College Access: Early Childhood Education Innovation Fund

The North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) seeks to improve Early Childhood Education (ECE) through the Early Childhood Education Innovation Fund (ECEIF), which was designed to provide opportunities for North Carolina community colleges to increase access to and the quality of ECE programs. 

The ECEIF provides an opportunity to improve early education in North Carolina’s community colleges by funding efforts to better prepare aspiring and in-service ECE teachers by increasing access to programs and increasing high quality training experiences.  The project seeks to identify barriers to ECE student success, evaluate strategies to alleviate these barriers, pilot the strategies, and disseminate the results to other colleges for replication.

In keeping with the System’s strategic planning initiative, SuccessNC, priorities are focused on bringing more college-ready students into high-quality educational and workforce training programs that will allow them to be well prepared.  These priorities are centered on SuccessNC’s guiding goals: Improve Student Success, Increase Student Access, and Ensure Program Excellence.

The goals of the ECEIF Project include:

  • Increase access to ECE programs for ECE students/aspiring teachers and in-service Early Childhood teachers;
  • Increase access for ECE students/aspiring teachers and in-service Early Childhood teachers to instructional delivery customized to student needs (i.e., Developmental courses designed for ECE students, ECE courses taught for Limited English Proficient students, increase technology delivered ECE courses, etc.); and
  • Incorporating Early Literacy skills across the ECE curriculum.


Eight colleges were competitively selected and are operating ECEIF projects that are scheduled for completion by December 31, 2014.  Those colleges are:

Blue Ridge Community College;

Craven Community College;

Durham Technical Community College;

Gaston College;

Haywood Community College;

Stanly Community College;

Wayne Community College; and

Wake Technical Community College.