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Cultural Competence

The Cultural Competence-Breakthrough Series Collaborative (CC-BSC) was developed to build, integrate, and sustain cultural competence within North Carolina’s early childhood system.

The overall goal of the project was to improve the cultural competence of the early childhood workforce in order to develop and strengthen culturally responsive teaching practices, culturally inclusive program policies, and respectful, strength-based engagement with families. The WSSU CC-BSC project has developed a curriculum and process utilizing a participatory action training approach. The project developed and implement policies that facilitate culturally competent organizations to strengthen the ability of teachers, early childhood programs, and agencies to offer high quality, culturally and linguistically responsive teaching and family engagement. The BSC is an effective approach to implement and spread positive change and improvement across services.

It includes:

  • Extensive training to build awareness, knowledge, sensitivity and competence;
  • Collaborative teams (teachers, administrators, technical assistance providers, and families) working with coaches to become skilled at the BSC methodology, to set specific goals and test improvements;
  • Use of Small Tests of Change (STOC) to build evidence to implement and spread improvements in teaching practice and program policies; and
  • Technological support to promote ongoing learning and sharing.

This Activity was completed December 2015.

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