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Family Engagement

The NC Head Start-State Collaboration Office coordinated this project, which leverages the expertise of local Head Start and Early Head Start programs to provide training, coaching, and follow-up support on effective strategies for family engagement in regional hubs across the State.  

North Carolina is leveraging the family engagement strengths of Head Start and Early Head Start programs to build the capacities of early childhood educators across the State to provide high quality family engagement and support activities.  DCDEE is exploring a revision of the current Tiered Quality Improvement Rating System that includes family engagement standards, largely adapted from Head Start Performance Standards.  The family engagement training content centers on nurturing within parents an active interest in their child’s development;  effective, two-way  communication with families; and supporting successful transitions of children into Kindergarten.  Elements of the Head Start Parent, Family and Community Engagement Framework are incorporated into the training.

Local Head Start and Early Head Start grantees provide training and coaching in multi-county  “hubs” across the State.  Early childhood partners are being supported in their endeavor to strengthen service delivery leading to positive parent-child relationships, family well-being, and deeper family connections to communities.

These services will continue to be available beyond the grant through individual arrangements Head Start and Early Head Start programs. RTT-ELC funds supported the services through December 2015.

RTT-ELC Reform Area: High Quality Accountable Programs