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Healthy Social Behavior Specialist in the Transformation Zone

The Transformation Zone Healthy Social Behaviors (HSB) initiative provided training and on-site technical assistance to promote the social-emotional development of children enrolled in licensed child care centers located within the Transformation Zone.  Using the research-based strategies compiled by the Social Emotional Foundations for Early Learning (SEFEL), the Transformation Zone Behavior Specialist maintained an ongoing relationship with centers to help teachers learn to create learning environments and instructional practices that support positive, prevent and address challenging behaviors.

With support from the Behavior Specialist, teachers typically learn how to effectively serve children who were previously described as using challenging behaviors such that their child care enrollment is maintained and their healthy development is nurtured.

The Transformation Zone Behavior Specialist focused on classrooms in each of the designated Transformation Zone counties to fully implement this model which is based on SEFEL’s Pyramid Model For Supporting Social Emotional Competence in Infants and Young Children.  Participating child care center classrooms selected for the project were required to be:

  1. licensed,
  2. committed to maintaining the enrollment of children with challenging behaviors, and
  3. have a long term commitment to supporting children’s healthy behaviors.

Healthy Social Behavior Specialists are available in NC through a statewide network and services continue to be available beyond the grant.

RTT-ELC funds supported expanded services in the Transformation Zone through this Activity through December 2015.

RTT-ELC Reform Area: Great Early Childhood Workforce