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NC Early Childhood Integrated Data System

The NC Early Childhood Integrated Data System (NC ECIDS) project built an early childhood system that serves as the single source of integrated data for select education, health, and social service programs from participating state agencies. The goal of NC ECIDS is to help answer key policy and program questions about North Carolina's early childhood services and programs.

NC ECIDS is overseen by a Governance Council comprised of leadership from key state participating agencies. These agencies are the NC Department of Health and Human Services (Division of Child Development and Early Education, Division of Public Health, and Division of Social Services), the NC Department of Public Instruction, the North Carolina State Head Start Collaboration Office, and the North Carolina Partnership for Children. An NC ECIDS Memorandum of Agreement and Data Sharing Agreement have been signed by all the participating agencies.

NC ECIDS will be able to:

  • provide unduplicated counts of where children are being served;
  • provide information about current programs and services to better address areas of need and effective practice within systems; and
  • connect with the North Carolina P-20W (preschool through workforce) data system, to allow for the examination of longitudinal effects of early childhood programs and services.

NC ECIDS data will be available through an interactive web portal, and is built upon a federated data model. In a federated data system, data remains stored in the source data systems already developed by the state, and data are only accessed and pulled when approved and needed. The NC ECIDS web portal will launched in the fall of 2016 and provides an initial set of statewide reports.

The project was supported by RTT-ELC funds through December 2016 after which other sources of funds will provide support going forward.

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