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Smart Start Data Project

The North Carolina Partnership for Children (NCPC) provides oversight to the assessment and enhancement of data collection and data management capacities of Smart Start local partnerships.  This project began with a comprehensive assessment of local partnership data collection activities including measures, how the data are collected, where data are stored, computing platform, and how the data are used.  

The findings informed the work of the Smart Start Data Advisory Group (DAG), which made recommendations for common outcomes and measures for local partnerships to use in assessing their Smart Start funded activities.  NCPC developed a new online reporting system for local partnerships to provide data on common outcomes to NCPC.  The DAG will regularly review and provide feedback on outcome reporting and the data system.

In addition, NCPC used the local partnership data capacity assessments to provide assistance to all local partnerships on their data collection efforts, particularly related to Smart Start.  This process also involved assistance for engaging local stakeholders in support of the NC Early Childhood Integrated Data System (NC ECIDS), as needed.  Assistance to local partnerships included one-on-one coaching and mini-grants for local partnership software procurement and other data-related activities.

NCPC also engaged in a planning process with the NC ECIDS project staff to ensure alignment of data goals and to work toward ultimately linking some Smart Start data with NC ECIDS.  Fiscal year 2015-2016 Smart Start child care subsidy data was linked with ECIDS, with potential for additional data to be linked in the future.  

This Activity was completed December 2016.

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