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Task Force on Licensure

This project convened regional meetings of programs not currently participating in (or required to participate in) NC’s Star Rated License. These meetings brought together part-day preschool and family/ friend/ neighbor care providers across the state to review current licensing requirements and gather data for a report on the barriers that had prevented these programs from participating in the Star Rated License. CCR&R Staff reached out to unlicensed providers in their regions to gather information, and DCDEE compiled the final report. Findings from the survey participants include the following: 1. License-exempt child care programs value freedom from regulation because of the flexibility it provides them in terms of curriculum and activities, philosophy, etc. 2. Personal connections are the high priority for why parents select their program for child care. 3. Most license-exempt programs would be interested in training about child development and/or licensing.

This Activity, Task Force on Licensure, was completed January 2015. DCDEE management will continue to consider how to fund regular outreach to license-exempt programs across the state and utilize trainings, particularly in child development, so that those interested in licensing may participate in the future and others may better understand how their priorities can coexist with licensure.

RTT-ELC Reform Area: High Quality Accountable Programs/Promoting Participation in the TQRIS