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Transformation Zone Early Literacy Strategies


The Transformation Zone is an initiative in four of North Carolina's high need counties in the rural northeastern region (Bertie, Beaufort, Chowan and Hyde). These counties are building system-wide capacity to improve learning and developmental outcomes for young children.

Among the early childhood strategies being implemented as part of the Transformation Zone are two early literacy strategies. This new report by the Transformation Zone Evaluation Team summarizes an examination of the implementation of these two evidence-informed early literacy programs within the context of the Transformation Zone initiative.

Successful implementation of the literacy strategies was facilitated by several features of the project: intensive technical assistance, purveyor involvement, data usage, leadership support, Literacy Coordinator, County Implementation Coach, a community of practice, and model flexibility. Current implementation status is also described, barriers to implementation are discussed, and suggestions for continued success are noted. Read the full report: Transformation Zone Early Literacy Strategies Implementation Report.

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