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Using Data to Improve Classroom Instruction

In an effort to sustain program effects in the early elementary grades, NCDPI worked collaboratively with FPG’s FirstSchool to support the development of practices and systems for using data to promote effective instruction in Pre-K – Grade 3 instruction. Through professional development, technical assistance, and coaching, FirstSchool supported two school districts in the transformation zone, Bertie County Schools and Martin County Schools, to strengthen the use of data to improve instruction.

Key goals of the project were as follows:

  • Administrators and teachers will demonstrate an improved ability to articulate the value, purposes, and use of assessment and how it informs their instructional practices and knowledge of student learning.
  • Administrators and teachers will learn how to use data that support school and classroom efforts to improve the school experience of under-represented children, including broader use of data such as attendance, retention, and discipline. This includes formative, benchmark, and summative approaches that inform teaching and learning.
  • Administrators and teachers will explore the principles and use of collaborative inquiry to inform instructional practice and knowledge of student learning and progress, with
  • Administrators and teachers will broaden their ability to view instructional practices and student engagement. Using research observation measures, Snapshot and CLASS, teachers and administrators will explore constructs of quality.
  • Administrators and teachers will learn to use the NC teacher evaluation to promote the use of data, evidence based practice, and collaborative inquiry in order to improve the school experiences of African American, Latino and low income children.

This Activity was completed December 2015.

RTT-ELC Reform Area: Promoting Early Learning and Development Outcomes for Children 

Invitational Priority: Sustaining Program Effects in the Elementary Grades