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Workforce Study

As part of the RTT-ELC grant, the Child Care Services Association (CCSA) conducted a 4-year study of the early care and education workforce in North Carolina during which time a sample of early care and education directors and teachers were surveyed four times and family child care providers were surveyed twice. Questions on the surveys cover five basic areas including demographics (both individual and family), program information (including working conditions and structure), education levels (current degrees and certifications and current pursuits), compensation packages (both wages and benefits) and experience (including years in current program and the field and planned longevity).  Results of these surveys were analyzed and statewide reports produced each year providing statewide and regional information. The 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Workforce Study Reports are available for review here.

This Activity was completed December 2015.

RTT-ELC Reform Area: A Great Early Childhood Education Workforce